When is Eve 2 coming?

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Eve II will launch this fall. Publisher is EA. The basic game will simultaneously launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox. It will costs 60,- USD for the basic game with monthly updates, which will be between 15-35,- USDeach. It is plannes that Eve II will have a life cycle of 24 years, at least. There will also be shooter in the Eve universe called Call of DUSTy, where you can crossplay on Nintendo Switch with Eve II gamers on the other platforms, if you are conncected to a Oculus Rift.


No. Go away trolling somewhere else.


The politics and economics that make Eve worth playing are emergent properties of a complex system - created by players, not developers. There is no way to transfer this to a new game and CCP knows it. They will continue to renovate the current game as long as it makes economic sense to do do.


I don’t think an Eve 2 would make much sense. Sometimes I feel like… if you take away all of Eve’s problems you would be left with something that’s not fun for anyone.


You mean remove players?


Arent we on like EvE V already?



CCP won’t make a new and separate “EVE 2” because EVE is continuously updated. The game today is considerably different from what it was on day one, and it will continue to evolve and change. Right now they are researching a potentially major engine overhaul with Hadean tech, see the “Aether Wars” thread.


EvE II (or III) Curse:

Gimme my damn middle finger thrust back!


No, go away.


Ok, whats the first thing youd change?

Lets say you have unlimited budgies but you can only make 1 major change and 3 minor ones each quarter.


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Are you seriously taking him serious?

Its a slow morning and I wanna read something funny

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I guess Better UI, better graphics incorporate a FPS and player face to face interactions. All the research on dust 514, WiS and Valkery put to use and not on separate platforms. I know the die hard Eve players pushed back but those things but they added new dimensions to the game. For the loyal players that grind away many years would get to retain there skill points and wealth.

It looks like CCP is playing it safe for the bread and butter base but it’s grinding down the universe to the same old same old for years. Take some risks and bring in some wow factor to complete.

I know I’m coming off like a troll but I see it as hard truths and only want to see Eve thrive
Long live Eve

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Ok so you dont think theres any issues with the actual gameplay in the core product you are wanting to release?

These (apart from the UI) would be additions.

What about the basic game currently requires a new edition?

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I played Eve for only 2 years and the complexity always led me awed by the fact that there was still more to learn, totally cool aspect. I’m not a developer, just a customer. I’ve returned again and again but only to fade out again and again.
You obviously got more heart into the game then I.
What would you do to invigorate Eve?

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Hey no prejudices here, just asking to see what burr in the pillow niggles you, friend.

Ok lets try this; what do you most enjoy in the game?

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The social aspect and cooperative play, teaming up with others

Cool in that case, just taking you in this instance as the customer Id like to pander to er I mean provide a service to…

How about…

Ok how about this: POS-like mobile structures that arent hard, expensive or high skill to build but REQUIRE several Corp members with different roles to construct.

You could have minigames in it if you wanted, but the idea being a well trained team could put up or down say a disposable refinery, listening post or whatever extremely fast, and sure make it difficult to scan down too, as long as the better module options were offline.

How would that grab you?

Hell sure if WiS returns to the game, make those Habs the first places to have em, just connect four CQs together.