Why didnt u sell on top? 📉

If I were running the cleverest Ponzi scheme of all time, I would want to remain anonymous, too.

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The creator Satoshi Nakamoto stepped back, no one knows who he actually was. There is an open source community of developers working on the bitcoin software, independent people and various companies together. but they can’t just change the rules or important things, as it would never be accepted. There is a rather complicated process of trying to figure out if a certain extension would be accepted by the network, which means all the users, not just the miners, before it’s even attempted to be included.

So in essence it is almost impossible to change anything. Especially when it comes to changing the rules it is pretty clear that this will probably never be changed again, even if that means it has certain consequences for the on-chain performance. But stability of the system is the most important aspect when it comes to such a thing.

I would suggest not using that term, it is completely wrong. “Hard Currency”, “Hard Money” has always mean something physical. BitCoin is not.

In the absence of metallic monies, hard money today often refers to other types of monetary instruments that, to some extent, still behave more like metallic money in fulfilling its role as money on domestic and international markets—for example, gold bullion or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Said one Jim Jones follower to the other…

Funny, BitCoin, hard like pudding.