Why not CCP just cancel all High Sec area?

What is wrong with you


Alias Kova


Aug '20

High sec players are small group

you sure brah? Silent Company | Alliance | zKillboard this is only 1 corporation many players in highsec havent even heard of silent company. You playing a different game maybe?

No kidding? I thought he was not posting again because he was “working eighteen hour shifts”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Well I dont have proof, but keeping their yap shut for 4 days is quite the feat.

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OPs flight and gank skills appear to be better than his/her English.

If it’s any consolation, the new quadrant Gateway will hopefully teach many new players not to trust a single clone and realize how utterly salty it is EVERYWHERE in New Eden and how unsafe they are after the training wheels are removed after this latest tutorial.

Thread had been revived but recent posts served no purpose to the original topic, therefore closed.

ISD Bahamut

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