Will anti ganking actually be able to stop a gank with all these continued nerfs?

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Are they repairing your bridge or something? If so tell them to hurry up.

This game used to be ok once, now it’s just crap and that’s not because of the game itself.

Still don’t know why people pay CODE, you’d have to be a complete mug to do so.


Nah, I stole his goats and made a wicked good curry; now I have a full belly and he has no herd to tend.


All my orcas have 3 medium remote shield reps on board. That helped to stop some ganks. :grin:

You are mining in an orca.

I thought a tanked skiff was the ship of shame.
Congrats on taking first place miner.

I don’t understand what is anti-ganking, do you mean when you make an effort not to die and sit there at the keyboard activating modules like hardeners?

Isn’t that just playing the game like any regular player who knows what they are doing?

Good question miner,

I too don’t understand anti gankers or many other mental illnesses.

An ordinary player does not just sit there. A miner does.

Hoping for the best, much like a cockroach in the dark, they find a lone dead end part of James 315 territory and fit a civilian grade module and hope for the best.

It ends badly, but hope is at hand. You just have to ask the right questions.

Do you wish to know more miner?

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I’ve never done mining before except during the tutorial when I began playing a long time ago.

The irony being you even if your only into other styles of game play, probably ultimately have spent hundreds of not thousands of hours doing mining in this game more than I ever have or will.


Your probably right about dead territory I heard CODE used to be a thing around some systems in amarr.

Also I like to stand up, easier on the back when all I really need to do is think most of the time rather than actually doing anything.

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Correct miner,

I have been hull mining in the name of James 315 since 2012.

Praise be to the saviour.

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Ahh ok, well in that case for the sake of sharing perspectives I am an ISK miner.

On these forums I am more of a salt miner though which is closer to the subject matter at hand.

I guess we all are miners is what your saying.

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This is only entertaining when @Aiko_Danuja does it.

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Im not here for your entertainment miner, you don’t really want to mess with me tonight, just stop and take a second to accept James 315 as your saviour.

It’s just you and your hand tonight.

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Spamming multiple bait topic threads simultaneously is neither clever nor helpful. You’re not entertaining, you’re not furthering the goals and objectives of minerbumping, you’re just being ridiculously boring. Up your game or go away and let a better agent speak.

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Are you mad miner?

" a miner shall be respectfull to agents at all times"

You don’t want the red pen to come out of the draw do you?


I have no problem with CODE and actually support the organization, despite not personally spending more time in highsec than I have to and having no real interest in ever mining. I just find you personally to be really, really dull. There are so many agents that do their jobs with a lot of flair and style, and that helps push the agenda. What you’re doing just makes the whole Order look amateur, and you should give up. You are no @aiko_danuja, that’s for sure.


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When beaten,

Just spam the flag button.

Well done miner gf

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