Winning EvE - Saying goodbye to 2007 Toon / 137mil PvP Subcap Beast

Just did the maths and assuming
Injector Value 716900000 (Although can be bought for around 695m)
Extractor Value 296400000
The extraction value would be 111b

I’ll offer 113b, I’m looking for a PVP char to play, not extract.

Also ready to trade right now.

Yo maths is wonky :stuck_out_tongue: other costs involved when using the market…

I appreciate the offer but I feel we can still do better ; age of character, subcap dominance, trig perfection.

Lets keep trying ey :slight_smile:

But surely additional market costs would lower the extraction value? Would be interested in seeing your figure for extraction value.

Anyway good luck with the offers :slight_smile:

Appreciate yours fully my friend - Were getting closer to the figure I had in mind for sure.

Le bump - Super focused Pvp Subcap.

Out of curiosity, what is your BO?

Thats no fun - :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont see any other 137mil SP + as focused as this one currently, and I have seen you bidding higher for in my opinion lesser toons. (mah feels)

Also to mention many rare skins come as part of the package including the beautiful Zebra Lehask skin along with other surprises and a MG Ask Head.

You are obviously interested - Give me your best price no faffing around and ill let you know if you get it or not.

Ready to close a deal with the right person who isn’t looking for a SP flip.

I’m looking for an account to play, not an SP flip, the reason why I’m only looking for a PVP account and not others which I would be if I was trying to SP farm. Also, it would make little sense for me to give you my figure and you do not give me yours, that would be no fun for me :slight_smile: And at the current price I offered, this would lose me money if I was looking to extract. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else bidding against me for me to raise my price in line with, so it’d be easier if you gave me a counter offer, I’m not a fan of guessing.

125 and i’m yours forever baby. - Side note is there any easy tools to export Skins owned I would like to list in the OP. My googlefu is failing.

I’ll do 121bil, final offer :yum:

I think a firm 125 is more than fair for character age, focus, killboard history, outstanding focus, skins, skilbook value etc. (also booo transfer cost)

Dont stress about the extra 4 im worth it.

Extends hand*

Thanks, but i’m not a big skill board guy as I don’t really see those accomplishments as my own. I think I might go for the other char I was looking at for 120m buy out as this is pretty much near the max i’d spend as I only have approx 122b and I want that bil for a start,

*Shakes hand, it was great negotiating with you.

Other char compared to mine has like 35mil non pvp SP.

Let me know if you can raise another 4.

If not good luck with your search my man. o7

I’m fine with having an extra little bit for industry and I just need to spend maybe half a year to a year to make them fairly even PVP SP wise. My plan was to build that after PVP anyway. Thanks but I can’t go any further.

You have the bid @ 121 then - If no one improves 24hours im yours sound fair?

If you want to purchase elsewhere im fine with that of course.

121 - Current bid
125- Buyout.

Ok, taking a risk on that other one getting B/O. But if you can commit to definitely giving it after 24 hours of no higher bids then sure.

Yeah happy to run auction style now.

See you tommorow. Good luck if you end up with other one, truly think im the better choice though :wink:

Hey, so is it confirmed?

@Beta_Page are you there?