[WMTR.] Valklears. is recruiting | Work with the Guristas | Small gang pvp



We are a group of players that oppose the centralized governments of all major coalitions. We’ve settled in Venal, home region of the Guristas, from where we launch our attacks to all neighboring regions.

Working with the Guristas Pirates

Among the Valklears. are the most dangerous criminals, murderer, rapists, thugs of New Eden. The Guristas Pirates have been offering us frequent contracts which fruited to a strong military relationship. The majority of our members conduct daily business with the Guristas in Venal which lead to the formation of a hub deep inside Gurista space.

Guristas shipyards has been offering capital and subcapital Guristas hulls alongside Crystal and Hydra implant sets to the most loyal Valklears.

Looking for

  1. PVP able capsuleers
    We do not care about killboards, but we do care if you don’t know what you are doing
  2. Good attitude
    We are family where everyone can be who he or she wants to and helps out if needed
  3. Self Sufficiency
    You will need to be able to make ISK on your own, in nullsec. We will offer guidance and assistance wherever we can

The quickest way to join Valklears. or to know more is to join the Valklears. Discord. Or you could join the ingame channel; Valklears.Pub
Ask for a recruiter.


Slither Sodain
Valklears. CEO

C-come on d-down to Venal. N-nothing wrong w-with p-piracy!

Local traffic has been high lately. Seems like a lot of big groups need more ISK. In response we’ve enstablished a good working customs service on chokepoints.

For keeping Venal clean, the Guristas have raised standings with us and given free Gila bpcs.

We are recruiting!

Having a blast here!

The Gila price has been rising the last weeks - this is one of the indicators we use to conclude if LP denial operations are effective in the area. Farmers of big null blocks such as Horde, Frat, Goonswarm are crying.

Come fight the good fight. :call_me_hand:

We are recruiting

Skulls are being collected.

The last week has seen us grow from 10 tot 20. Good to see old faces returning. ESS hunting has been profitable.

Lots of kills!

Having a blast!

Capsules everywhere today…

The last few days we’ve had intresting engagements in which we outsmarted our enemy frequently.
An example is the alliance “Trigger Happy” who baited our 4-man camp with an impel, dropped a rapier to lose it in a few seconds as their capitals jump in - to scoop a wreck. Yep - we give 0 fucks :slight_smile: No losses. See kill below.

The area has seen a population increase. This has been met with good laughter and content. Undocking means pvp at your doorstep rightnow.

Join our discord to talk to us!



Looking for more fighters.

Wrecks everywhere!