Won't launch with samsung ui4

Need an update for app to work with new samsung update. Thanks <3 the app, I use it daily.

I think CCP abandoned it, it hasn’t been able to launch for me for like a month now. CCP gets worse and worse every time I return to Eve.

The problem with OEM customisations for Android is they don’t always handle Intents properly. Especially for their custom “enhanced” experience launcher replacement. Usually vanilla Android is best if you want “Anrdoid”.


I know it sounds dumb and obvious, but I have Samsung Galaxy S20 with the same up-to-date software and I had the same problem yestaerday.

All I did to solve the problem, was to reinstall the app and restart the phone. Plus I cleared cache and memory.

Might work, might not. But EVE portal aslo did not want to open for me. After clicking on it, it opened black screen and then seconds later it went back to home screen. After few times, it promted an error report to send to EVE developers.

Hope this helps, all the best.