WTA 80m sp char

hello, wts me:

Mirjana Popovic

Char wallet is good, no killrights, no remaps, can do subcaps and caps, will be in Jita 4-4 at moment of trade.

Can do Angel and Serp missions, good standing with both, low standing with Minmatar. Got some skins too.

Skills and ships used by char worth mentioning :: nidhoggur, naglfar, moros, thanatos, rorqual, nomad, sin, covert cyno, t2 fighters, create alliances

offer well.


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offer 50b to start.
isk is ready.

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last call before the eternal sleep, taking in offers!!!

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ending on Sunday

65b b/o, isk ready now

thank you, but no, bit more pls…

last 24 hours. if char does not get sold, it goes into hibernation… :slight_smile:

few more hours left

2 hours left