WTA Prowler (Blockade Runner) T2 BPO

WTA Prowler T2 Ship BPO.

It’s ME10 TE18 Located in empire hi-sec in an NPC Station.
It also comes with the precursor ship, component and RAM BPO’s (Comps and RAM, ME10 TE20, Wreathe ME10 TE18) so is production-ready.

Prowler Extras

Starting bid: 190b.
Minimum bid increment: 5b.
Reserve: 200b.
Buyout: No fixed buyout, offers considered.
Auction close: Sunday 5th February 18:30 Eve time.
Sniper: 15 Minutes.

I reserve the right to end the auction early if buyout is accepted.

Winner will receive the item by contract.

Thank you and happy bidding.

Offer 190

Bid acknowledged - Thank you, Dai.