WTB 130+ mSP PVPer

As stated in topic. Looking to buy a pilot with 130+ SP, PVPer.
Go ahead and post your offers.
Thank you in advance.


not quite at 250m yet but worth a look

Looks interesting dude! I’m definitely intrigued. Can you give me a little more info on the pilot?

What is your budget?

you can see all the details here WTS 205m SP subcap pilot

also you can convo me at reaper#7400 for any questions

No budget limit atm. What can you offer me?

Thank you dude, awesome pilot. I’m gonna wait a little longer to see if anyone else has offers to show me.

i can let it go for 185 today if you decide on it.

Alright dude, let’s do it. 185b

ok post on my thread

you can post on my thread and send isk/acc info. Will be online for another 15 mins before bed.

I have to figure out my isk first and will do that later today or tomorrow. Once i’ve done that ill post and send isk/acc info. Sounds good?

ok all good

I sent you an evemail in game. Let me know if you have any interest in what I’ve got.






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