Post Skillboards below -> https://eveskillboard.com/ Online most of the day to make offers.

  • Paying around Estimated Extraction value
  • Chars need to be >15m sp

All Char Bazzar Rules apply

What about this one?


All other things are good i.e. sec status, wallet, NPC etc

@Crix_Drashir I can offer you 30b for this char

Thanks but already got a 31Bn offer.

Can also offer 31b :slight_smile:

What would you be willing to offer for this one?


@Seraph_Nadu 23b

That’s a bit lower than what I’m willing to go for sorry. Thanks for your time.


@Devir_Drakkan 31.5b

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/DeadPool187 Yes/no maybe… still working some logistics…

@DeadPool187 Can offer you 35b for this character

Will contact you when I get off work for transaction detail 4pm EST. Thanks.


Let me know if this is still wanted. Will check board and jump on to initiate transfer. Thanks,

Just need you to confirm that you’re accepting the offer :stuck_out_tongue:

Accepting the offer for 35 bil for me.

Isk & Details sent

isk transferred, transferring toon.

submitted transfer. Thanks, safe flying