WTB C2 wormhole

looking for c2 with good PI but looking for C2 HS/C1/C2 or C3 will buy empty or loaded with trusted 3rd party

send msg ingame

Still looking, willing to pay well for right one

How well? Have a C2-HS/C1 ready to go with installed / fitted Astrahaus, no POCO’s (yet. I don’t do PI).

send me the jcode so i can look pi up then I can give a price


sorry but the planet layout wont work for our PI needs

No worries :slight_smile:

Still looking for my new home, once agaib ill break open the piggy bank for the right place

If you let us know what “breaking the piggy bank” is in actual money, i might be able to find you a choice of other potentially better locations :slight_smile:

The problem is wo knowing that layout or whats in there i can not say for 100%. what I can say is I have 4.5billion budget and another 4.5 in reserve for the project

Still looking for that special place in the universe to call home ill buy it empty or loaded in game mail or reply here. there has to be a corp that wants to move up, let me give you top isk for your home

Another day and still looking for that perfect C2 HS/C1 or C2 C3 with good PI I got isk to spend so why not sell it to me

Still looking for that perfect home

Still looking to buy I have isk in hand and a moving truck ready to go

still looking send me a message to sell your home

still got isk to burn on a new home

Billions of isk ready to spend for the right place to call home

I have J203753 to sell, Static do Hisec with unfitted Raitaru and 12 POCO’s just waiting for you, contact me or Cigfa ingame for more info

Sent you a message in game last week about C2 offer

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