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I’m about to drain my pilot down to be more focused. what are you willing to bid if I strip it down to mining, drones, rorq, and add in some jump skills? WTS 55m Rorqual Pilot. Perfect Miner. Fleet Booster/Industrial/Production/Research/Exploration/PI

I’d need to see how the skills sorted out, but with JDC 4+ and capital industrial V, I could start at 35B

it’ll be down to just rorq/shield/drone/mining skills. I’ll let you know if I inject JDC 4 and CI 5 in about an hour.


Are new skills. Have enough injectors to get to JDC 4 and CI 5. Let me know if you want reprocessing included or if I can drain it.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/SavageBunny 34b

@Jackson_Olacar Character only shows 18M sp now, with no jdc 4

@Dean_Omaristos Extract value is only 19B

I’m obviously not going to sell a 55m sp character for 35b. But I get you not wanting to spend a ton for skills you aren’t interested in. So I drained the things that aren’t focused on Rorq. Right now he’s at 18.7mil sp, but I have the injectors to get him JDC4 and CI 5 (putting him at a hair under 23mil sp). Before I do that, I want to ask what you’d bid. If its a decent bid, I’ll inject those skills immediately and send him over your way tonight.

Weird. No one sells for extract value. I just sold a 20m sp rorq pilot for 20-something bill. I would just extract and not need to pay a transfer fee.

Thanks guys- I will pass on those. Bumping up

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