WTB Ragnarok / Revenant / Vendetta/Erebus / Avatar

(Shoot U LongTime) #1

As title states looking for any of the following
Hit me up with what you got.

Updated with remaining ships im after

(Bruton Ricco) #2

Are you still looking for a rag?

(Shoot U LongTime) #3

still looking

(Shoot U LongTime) #4

Still looking isk ready :stuck_out_tongue:

(Chamomile Tea) #5

where are you looking for one

(Shoot U LongTime) #6

Any lowsec system

(Queen of Rakapas) #7

send me eve mail offer for ragnarok with t2 hyperspatial rigs. Location basgerin

(KiD WiTh WeeD) #8

send me offer for t2 hyperspatial hel ~basgerin

(business super) #9

i have send you the mail

(ArtoriaX Dragon) #10

glad to have offer for t2 shield Ragnarok at Basgerin

(Spartan BSX86) #11

still looking for hel?

(Shoot U LongTime) #12

bump hel acquired

(Shoot U LongTime) #13

bump still looking, isk ready for your ships!

(Janeca Penken) #14

Still Looking for Ragnarok?

(Dirty Camper) #15

still looking for a BUS?

(Shoot U LongTime) #16

yup hit me up ingame

(K0enig) #17

have vendetta , how much you offering ?

(Shoot U LongTime) #18

80bill for the bare hull, more depending on fit

(Shoot U LongTime) #19

Bump still looking - have bought a erebus but still after more.

(Richard Hellsing) #20

looking for rag still?