⭐ [WTB] WH Leshaks ,Armor bonus and Nestor Char

hi. i want to sell this char/account if U interested.


Any of you still selling your pilots?

If you are, you can post on this thread:


I agree to the buyer’s offer!

Isk and Info sent

You have chosen to transfer the character Jacob Dean to the account named

pls dont post the login :slight_smile:

well let’s see how that turns out lmao.

what’s wrong?
you are very strange, you said give me a little time, and did not answer for several hours, only now appeared online, you idiot

Yea sorry I don’t support Hacker Firesales of Chars… people that mail 3 different WTB Posts looking to sell a char really quickly and then even start getting really nervous (You mailed me 3 times in 1h) is a heavy indicator something is wrong. But thats just my opinion :woman_shrugging:

I’m going to sleep, you said let’s do it now, and you stopped answering me
of course I will not wait for you !!

you are missing my point , I passed on purpose and did not responded anymore for reasons stated above of you acting very suspicious. Not going to argue with you any further @Jacob_Dean

I am only interested to see how it goes for @Arisha_Moon and if it was actually legit sale in the end or if this char is banned soon it happend to many times lately :woman_shrugging:


CCPs charcter bazar is a the worst bazar i ever seen…
there is no security for the buyer to not freeze his isk for a while… now have to wait for support and blablabla…

edit: and who compensate the lost isk, that i bought now extractors and cant use them… have to sell it back with losses…

what is my fault?

why you can still write from this character? hi is transfered… lol ccp

edit: there is something wrong with your character, they blocked my account now after transfer…

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I don’t know, I didn’t close the page in the browser))

you took a screenshot in the game

yes, i cant do anything with this character… is this chacarter stolen or something…? why ccp blocked him

no, of course, I don’t know, maybe it had a restriction on extracted
I just didn’t know because I never used it

It is account restriction. Not character. You cant transfer chars from restricted accs, but you can buy char to restricted acc. sad but true.

yes, but this restriction is new, because i used this account several days ago to extract my sp farm… its an old account from me