Wts 102 M sp gallente cap+subcap

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Corban_DeTka here you go!

100+ m sp + 260 k unallocated sp

location: Jita
npc corp
3 jump clones
wallet +
no kill rights
nice set of implants
1 remap available

Per CCP rules I will pay transfer fees

not lower than 60 bil


another bump!

60b offer

65b,two weeks later

65bill today

66bill :slight_smile:





Anybody’s bid is still in force? Auction is coming to the end


Bid accepted!

Money and accountinfo´s sent

Will do transfer soon

still waiting for the Char…

… waiting for the Char. … so you don´t want to transfer the char … give the Money back or i will talk to the support!

oookay… still waiting for the Char… Its Time for CCP

I got my Money back. Thx SCAMMERBOY

please close