WTS> 106m SP Born 2007 Clean History Very Focused Logi GOD, And SP Farm Pilots

(Race Leader) #1


Need an Alt to save your ratting scrub super? Here is an Alt for you.

Available Unallocated SP - Look in EveSkillBoard
Implants : Look at active clone implants on Link
CLEAN Employment History
Gold Pod Installed : Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79
No killrights
3 Bonus Remap Available
906k Unallocated SP
Character located in Highsec

Level 5 Amarr, Gallente, and Minmatar Carrier Skill
LVL 5 Perfect Logi Pilot… shield and armor, Cruiser and Frigate
Perfect Shield FAX.
Perfect Armor FAX.

Buy Out is 100B

Will be utilizing a Credit Card for Pilot Transfer

Pls don’t leave me extraction price offers. If I wanted extraction price, I would extract it myself
I get 89B if I Just extract.
Please consider, Skill book injected and Time Trained.

SP Farm Alts

Darth Shakiel - 4.5B B/O
Aywheel Keel Yu - 4.5B B/O

OnIine is sold.

(OnIine) #2

Im for sale

(JenniferWorley) #3

Also for sale

(Great Poonbah) #4

I’ll buy Online for 6B

(Great Poonbah) #5

Offer window lapses in 60 minutes from now.

(Brock Khans) #6

I love how people just expect that you not sleep or leave your computer and put such sort time limits. IF this guy is eu he is sound asleep

(Great Poonbah) #7

It’s more so that I have active offers on other accounts and can’t have an open ended commitment to buy - particularly when this type of character is typical of everything available on market and my bid already arguably overpaying for it.

(Race Leader) #8

Yah, Just woke up, XD, tnx for the interest anyway :slight_smile:

(Great Poonbah) #9

Offer is still there ( the RS Accounts I bid on didn’t come through )

(Race Leader) #10

well then, send isk and account details and ill send it ASAP.

(Great Poonbah) #11

Isk + Account Sent to Race Leader from alt (David Cavalera)

(Race Leader) #12

http://prntscr.com/mccir7 Pilot Sent

(Great Poonbah) #13

Confirming delivery of character, transfer of “Online” has been completed

Thanks for the trade.

(Race Leader) #16

Still for sale

(Vulgus Carovigra) #17

84 bil

(Race Leader) #19

Thank you for the offer Guys, but im, looking for more. :slight_smile:

(Darth Shakiel) #21

I am for sale.

(Aywheel Keel Yu) #22

I am for sale

(Maizie Fields) #26

86b for J.W.

(boernl) #30

race leader i can only say i wish i had the isk sicne that is a amazing toon you have there :slight_smile: