WTS 108m Sub Cap PVP Pilot

(Owts) #1

Looking to sell a small ship specialist character (been a while since he was active), focussed on faction warfare and small ship pvp, with a variety of implanted jump clones scattered around and L4 capability for SOE (Vargur time)


I’ve still to drop corp and sort the assets which I plan to do this weekend so I’m in no immediate rush, but please feel free to mail me any offers/interest, I have already been offered a 90b offer in game which seemed to be more about skillpoint extraction which seemed a waste for any potential pvp’ers looking for a character !

(Kenzee Leusten) #2

85 bil

(Jazmine Khardula) #3

can do 88b

(Jazmine Khardula) #4

I would love to use this toon. im looking for a character. cool name too

(Zezick) #5

90 bil

(Owts) #6

Character still for sale (after some time wasting) and available to transfer.

One remap available and currently has five available jump clones, three being in low sec (1 empty and 2 with pvp implants), a fourth clone being in Villore with a full +4 learning set and a current fifth set in jita with +5 learning.

Currently at 108,544,908 skillpoints

Looking for 95b/o but offers considered, post here or feel free to mail me in game I’ll respond as soon as I can


(Zezick) #7


(Owts) #8

I’ll accept 93b Zezick, please mail me the isk and account information for the transfer process

(t0rg) #9

isk and acc info send to Owts

(Zezick) #10

sry.this my another char

(Owts) #11

ISK received, please check your mail in game mate…having a target user error when trying to transfer

(Zezick) #12

Try initiate transfer now

(Owts) #13

Transfer is underway mate

(Zezick) #14


(system) #15

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