WTS 11.3m plus 2m Unallocated Amarr Frig Spec

Solid Amarr Frig starter pilot with Assault Ships 5 and ready to start training Interceptors. A solid base for the upcoming 3v3 Slicers!

Weapon Upgrades 5 and Advanced 4
T2 Small Beam Spec 4
Hull/Mech 5
Biology 5
As well as many others.


Currently sitting in HS near Amarr.

Starting: 10 Billion
BuyOut: 12 Billion

Still available.

FYI - Its not worth anywhere close to 10 billion. It would cost about 4.8 billion just to extract the points. Add that to the 10 billion you are asking for and now your at 14.8 billion cost . But the resell value of the skill points is only 10.5 billion. So, one would take a 4.3 billion loss. At most the character is worth 5.7 or so, but even then the buyer would only break even. Realistically, its worth about 5 billion to a buyer and even that is high considering the time spent on extracting the points and reselling the injectors.

So you are saying there is no market for characters just their points?

Unfortunately yes, characters are now valued based on their extractable SP

I’ll give you 5 billion right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, but I will just extract and sit on the corpse for now.

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8.5 Bil

The bid may be retracted today/tomorrow. I looking for 2 chars, and will take first two answering.
Thank you