WTS 12m SP starter PI/Research/Trade pilot

(Ze'Dogs Bollocks) #1


I am for sale. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ze’Dogs_Bollocks

Positive wallet
Positive sec status
No jump clones installed
No kill rights
Located in Osmon

5 days till Adv. lab Oper. 5
12 days to fly orca.

1 bonus remap available.

I’m the original owner of this character. Isk goes to me.

Accepting reasonable offers, and I reserve the right to change my mind.

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(Nekro Elder's) #2

3 bil

(Amy Foster) #3

6 bil bo

(Nekro Elder's) #4

6.5 bil

(Amy Foster) #5

7 bil

(Ze'Dogs Bollocks) #6

Sorry for the late reply… 7bil is current highest bid to Amy Foster.

(Nekro Elder's) #7

7.25 Bil

(Amy Foster) #8

7.5 bill

(Maizie Fields) #9

8 billion

(Amy Foster) #10


(Ze'Dogs Bollocks) #11

Sorry I have been working a lot and not bee very responsive. Amy Foster with highest bid of 8.5 bil… i will allow bidding for 24 hours… Highest bidder at that time wins… Thanks everyone for bidding…

(FearlessTeapot) #12

9b buyout

(Nekro Elder's) #13

9.25 bil

(FearlessTeapot) #14


(Nekro Elder's) #15

10.5 bil

(FearlessTeapot) #16


(FearlessTeapot) #17


(Ze'Dogs Bollocks) #18

Sorry , RL issues coming up and hard to respond. Nekro ELder’s bid of 10.5 is currently highest as of now and accepted. Please send isk to me and evemail me your account name, ill start transfer upon receipt.

Thanks everyone.

(Nekro Elder's) #19

Isk and mail sent in game.