WTS 131 Mil SP PVP/Capital Gallente Pilot

PW= 1357

NPC corp
5 jump clones
1 clone full Talisman
1 full set +4
In High Sec - Myyhera
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
-1.04 Status
Moros and Archon Pilot
20+ Mil in wallet

Will start offers at 100B
Using cash for transfer.

100 bil

I’m motivated, what’s your best offer? we both know its worth a lot more

How long are you looking to run the auction for?

I’m in for 103 B

I have a B/O price, if it’s not reached in 3 days I’ll end the sale.

I feel it’s a 130’sh character.

Not at the kind of ISK/SP sale rates that have been achieved over the last month; and I’ve been tracking carefully as I’m in the market for a Main that is 100m+

I’d happily share the data if you’d like/ it’d be useful?

Don’t want to derail the thread, but am keen to close something out over the next week - and have been let down a couple of times for various reasons. Want to strike up a convo in game?

Sure, we can talk in game this evening!

Cool. Ready to go when you are. Time with me now is just before 15:00.

104 bil

Bump. 120 and you have it

In game now

Lowered B/O to 104B Very motivated

************ Sale Ends Today ***************


ISK transferred. Account name sent.

Transfer complete. Have seen that you left the ISK on the account before you transferred it - travelling at the moment, but will log into the new toon when back in the next couple of hours and send the ISK on to the new details you’ve given me.

Thanks for a slick sale.