WTS 13m SP Cyno Alt and Freighter

Im for sale!

Great Starter Toon Hauler/Cyno
1316000 Skill Points
1m SP Unallocated Skill Points
Can Fly Fenrir and Providence
Cyno 5
No Killrights
Located in NPC Station Jita
No Negative Standing
Positive Wallet
Hisec jc
I will Pay transfer

Will Sell for a fair Price based against Injectors


8.5b isk in hand im GMT time

8.5 is too much of a low ball

thanks for bids but its worth more than that in injectors come on! jeez

Please update the post to include all required information listed in Welcome to the Character Bazaar.

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A Sklillboardlink , which is needed by the Rules is still missing.

thanks :slight_smile:


sorry i need to retract bid, bought elsewhere

highest bid so far 8.5. is everyone reallty that poor?

8.7b You don’t need to wait

thanks for bid, got any wiggle room?

This is my highest bid

ok send info and iskies and ill transfer today

The disk and account have been sent

ok thanks, will log in a xfter now

Transfer complete thanks. please delete

That’s all it’s worth…