WTS: 17.3m sp MONEY ALT Maxed prober, Cyno Recon, Bomber FC, Exhumer

Spooky Ghost
Scan down DED
Scan down ships
Bomb run FC
Cyno alt
Mining alt

Astrometric Pinpointing V
Astrometric Acquisition V
Astrometric Rangefinding V
Astrometrics V

Covert Ops V
Mining Barge V
Caldari Cruiser V

Mining V
Reprocessing Efficiency V
Exceptional Moon Ore Processing 4

Cyno Recon alt ( Falcon )
Mining Barge alt with T2 strip miners
Bomber FC alt

Fantastic Name: Spooky Ghost

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec
No kill rights
Extra jump clones
Soft KB
Docked in NPC High Sec
2007 Toon

Neural Remap Available
Bonus Remaps Available: 3

17B B/O

13bill offer

Thanks for offer however

Great alt to have. Cyno’s, scanning, mining.