WTS: 17.3m sp MONEY ALT Maxed prober, Cyno Recon, Bomber FC, Exhumer

Skill Link
Spooky Ghost
Scan down DED max skills
Scan down ships max skills
Bomb run FC lvl V covop and max scan skill
Recon Cyno alt
Mining alt T2 strip miners

Astrometric Pinpointing V
Astrometric Acquisition V
Astrometric Rangefinding V
Astrometrics V

Covert Ops V
Mining Barge V
Caldari Cruiser V

Mining V
Reprocessing Efficiency V
Exceptional Moon Ore Processing 4

Cyno Recon alt ( Falcon )
Mining Barge alt with T2 strip miners

Fantastic Name: Spooky Ghost

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec
No kill rights
Extra jump clones
Soft KB
Docked in NPC High Sec
2007 Toon

Neural Remap Available
Bonus Remaps Available: 3

15B B/O

13bill offer

Thanks for offer however

Great alt to have. Cyno’s, scanning, mining.

Still for sale.


14 B offer

No sorry


It’s a great toon. Probing skills on an alt is amazing. And with it’s mining skills, will be a great addition to your Rorq mining alt.
Not to mention the Recon ship it flys so can be great cyno alt for you rorq or cap fleets.
Has great core skills to warp around, so your not being cut off in mid warp cap issues.
Was nice alt for over 10 years. Everyone loved the name

Looking to sale

Updated B/O to 15b

Toon has 3 bonus remaps, and 1 ready to go.