WTS 25m sp rorqual pilot - BUYOUT FURTHER LOWERED

at 24hrs from first sending isk if transfer has not be started i request seller to send back isk and do not start transfer, if transfer is started after 24hrs i will contact ccp to cancel it and request isk back

This is my request for seller to send back all 27B isk. I have sent in ticket asking for refund.

Hey wearekiingz, apologies I had work the last few days. I can transfer the char today if that’s what you’d like me to do? Or would you prefer me to send the isk back?

Please sent isk back i no longer wish to purchase character

no worries kiingz, isk refunded.

Still for sale at 27B buyout. :slight_smile: Give this humble rorqual miner a new home. Once sold, new characters will be going up for sale also.

26b offer

Thanks for the offer british, but I’m going to hold out for 27b.


bump! :slight_smile:


Bump! :slight_smile:

27B b/o offer, please confirm this toon is still for sale.


16b offer

Confirmed still for sale but as offer withdrawn open to other buyers. 27b fixed price.

as you requested, 17,6b offer

Thanks for the offer Arisha appreciate it! :slight_smile: Too low for me, but ty <3 Still up for sale at 27b

bump! :slight_smile: Buyout lowered to 26.5bil grab it while it’s hot :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump - lowered to 26b!!! :slight_smile: Grab it first

If you’re still interested I’d take 26b britishsteel

isk and the account ID already sent to you .Please transfer ASAP