WTS 31 mil sp, exhumers 5,mining drone 5,orca,Jump frieghter and perfect null sec ore refiner with cybernetics 5

20B Offer good for limited time

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20,5b offer

Great name‚Äč:joy::+1:


Daily bump

offer stands for 24 hours more.

21 bil

22 Bil

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Dailly bump

23 bil

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Give me 24 bil and you have a deal.

sold 24 bil

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You will have to wait till 24 or less hrs when i get paid to pay for transfer,if thats ok we have a deal.

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that is fine.

Ready when you are ,will begin transfer as soon as i recieve isk and info

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money sent.

will begin transfer shortly

isk received and info,transfer started and will be yours in 10 hrs i believe

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perfect thx.

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