WTS 31kk sp abyss pvp pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ivanrus_5 54
2007 yo was builded for wormholes pvp/pve capitals, logistics, tengu itc (there was about 100 kk sp on him), Later skills was extracted & builded abyss pvp pilot. So here is a lot of inserted skills on him

rich pvp history: https://zkillboard.com/character/775926683/ 14

skills focused for Triglavian Ikitursa, Vedmak, Drekavac, Cerberus & Retribution atm
about 12kkk isk in assets

set of +5 implants
full crystall set

start bid 15bil
buyout 35bil

15b cash


20b cash

21b .

21.5b for Ivanrus 5

22 b for this toon

I don’t now … I won or when this auction’ll end?

Hello! You won. If is actual - please send isks to Kirpich Ambraelle and write your account for transfer character.

Thanks, Give me a while I’ll start the process ASAP

I can today after 15 eve time (will be at PC)

No one contact me. Please post price again.


15 bil

16B ,ISK is ready :grinning:

Still for sale ? 16.2b

Are you still selling? I’ll Bid 20B