WTS>5 Starter Pilots


All in HS
Isk Positive

Aywheel Keel Yu - 5.3m SP(350k Unallocated Skill) -5B

SOLDRena Searss - 5.3m SP (350k Unallocated Skill) - 5.5B
Cybernetic 5

SOLDApok Uranus - 6m SP (1.1m Unallocated Skill) - 6.5B
Cybernetic 5

SOLDSee PlusPlus - 5.67m SP (857,950 Unallocated Skill) - 6B
Cybernetic 5

SOLD Meeshayl Lancer - 10.99m SP (1.15m Unallocated Skill) - 10B
Cybernetic 5

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

Hi I would like to reserve the last guy (11m sp) for me. Just need to create a new account for it. If thats ok with you, not gonna take too long.
Ok I am ready to pay. Let me know where to send isk/acc info

send isk and acc info then ill transfer asap :slight_smile:

ISK and account info sent in game

Pilot Transferred

Rena, Apok and See

All three for 16B?

Send isk and account info, then ill transfer asap

Many thanks. I’ll send an in game mail after DT and transfer the ISK once you have confirmed receipt.

Ok, ill login once server is up.

Mail received, waiting for isk, then transfer will start asap.

ISK sent, Many thanks.

All transferred tnx.

All three tickets have been received from CCP.

Very good transfer. Many thanks.

Never mind, false reading by the game. All good thanks!

I can’t seem to edit the Topic and main content.
So, I would create a new one. Should not have bumped. :frowning: