⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Golden CEO) #100


(Golden CEO) #101


(Golden CEO) #102

bump! Nice time to buy with the new Galaxy pack sales!

(Risien Drogonne) #103

I’ll take 97 and 98 (4.25b each). Confirm and I’ll transfer isk.

(Hogs Legion97) #104

confirming I am for sale

(Hogs Legion98) #105

confirming I am for sale

(Golden CEO) #106

Confirmed on both characters, please send ISK and a mail with the acc you’d like the character transferred to to the respective characters and ill get them on their way!


(Risien Drogonne) #107

ISK and account info sent.

(Golden CEO) #108

Support ticket made, should be with you soon! Thanks!

(Golden CEO) #109


(Risien Drogonne) #110

No characters yet, nor even an email saying any are coming.

(Golden CEO) #111

Sorry for the delay, The ticket was made as soon as i’d recieved the ISK, hopefully CCP support gets on it quick. I’m guessing they might be a bit busy at the moment.

(Risien Drogonne) #112

Alright, I’ll be patient :slight_smile:

(Golden CEO) #113

Thanks, And again sorry for the delay, normally it doesn’t take this long :frowning:

(Risien Drogonne) #114

Still no characters.

(Golden CEO) #115

Just got a response to the ticket. Characters have been transferred. Sorry for the delay. Not sure why it took particularly long that time :confused:

(Amarrescu) #116

Wanna buy 8 of them, doesn’t matter which one let me know if you ok and if they are still available for sale.

(Risien Drogonne) #117

Transfer confirmed. Thanks again.

(Golden CEO) #118

Sure! Hogs Legion 5-12 ok with you?

And since its more than 5 chars the price is discounted so it’d be 4b each

(Amarrescu) #119

Perfect, please confirm them as being for sale here and I will send payment and email to each individual tomorrow morning so we can get things moving. 4bil/char