⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Lily Collins Collins) #183

Thank you! I must haven’t seen those rules attentively. Thanks for your tip.

(Golden CEO) #184

Boop am doin a bump!

(Golden CEO) #185

Happy new years!

(Beer Rocket) #186

Does account for transfer have to be omega already, or can 2 sp farm toons be transferred to an alpha account?

(Golden CEO) #187

They can be transferred to an alpha account

Let me know if you’d like any :slight_smile:

(Golden CEO) #188


(Wrench Face) #189

How many toons do you have left?

(Golden CEO) #190

About 100 total right now. Another 100 ready in a week or two
(not all of them are listed above cause it takes so goddamn long to log em all into eveskillboard :stuck_out_tongue: Will add the others once stock gets low)

(Beer Rocket) #191

I will take legion 40-49. Please confirm availability before I send isk. Thanks.

(Hogs Legion40) #192

Confirming I am for sale

(Hogs Legion41) #193

Confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion42) #194

Confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion43) #195

Confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion44) #196

Confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion45) #197

Confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion47) #199

I’m up for grabs

(Hogs Legion48) #200

I’m ready to ride the beer rocket

(Hogs Legion49) #201

I’m ready to be bought. Please adopt me, golden is a cruel owner

(Hogs Legion46) #202

Spam filter does not like lots of similar posts so here I am writing different words about how available and for sale I am

(Golden CEO) #203

All are ready for ya!
Confirmed all above.

Please send isk and a mail either to each character individually, or to this character “Golden CEO” if you’d rather do all in one