WTS 6,5m sp pilot (PI and reasearch)

Hey ,

Confirming I am for sale: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Freak_05

Highlights include:

  • PI skills
  • Research skills
  • gallente industrial IV

Also have 250k unallocated SP
Located in Jita
Wallet positive
Implants can be seen on character sheet.
No kill rights
In NPC corp

Bids starting at 3B
B/O ?

3b bids

Will you pay transfer?

Is yes: 3.5 bil

Ofc i will, its mandatory by CCP that seller pay transfer

3.7bill bids

4 bil

I will accept that 4bill offer in less than 48h if nobody else bid higher.

I would accept a B/O of 4,5B

4.1 bill bids

4.2 bil

4.5 b/o

Sold, send your info and isk randomkids.

I first time i buying character , which info i need to send ?

and where should i send my isk and my info ?

Sorry him UStz and not playing much :stuck_out_tongue: send isk to me and a in game mail with account name that you want me to transfer the toon to

Isk and account info sent in game mail

I received everything, i will tell you when transfer is initiated. Petition to CCP is sent, they will confirm me when its started and then it will be under 24h.

Just to keep you up to date, still no confirmation from CCP , but ticket is indeed up

Hello , Do you have any news from the CCP?

Transfer completed ! Thank you :slight_smile: