WTS ~6.7m SP (2.499m unallocated) 2008 Moldable Pilot


  • 3 Bonus Remaps available (Regular on 2019/3/5
  • Great start on core skills
  • 2.499m Unallocated SP to do with as you wish
  • DOB 2008
  • Short corp history

Currently topping of Warp Drive Operation V in < 3 days.

Positive Wallet, no Kill rights, 1 JC in HS (empty), located in Amarr

GM Ticket will be used for transfer

Lets see some offers

Interesting Things to do with the free SP (Training numbers based off Evemon)

  • 1.859m SP to get to JDC IV instantly
  • 1.176m SP to get to Capbuilder III
  • 2.1m SP to get into Hulk
  • Nyx takes 5.267m SP, this gets you 1/2 there instantly (http://prntscr.com/izcxjx)
  • Rorqual within a ~week of training after injection (http://prntscr.com/izcy18)

Confirming for sale

Starting bidding process with 4.5b offer!

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I’ll give you 8bil.

I’ll accept that. I’ll be home in 3 hours or so and can open the GM ticket tonight. Send isk and account name to Buffy at your leisure

Home and ready when you are

ill go 5.5b if other buyer fall

Just heard back from Abraham, he has decided to pursue something else from an alliance mate.

@N3W_KING bid noted. The sale continues

@N3W_KING sent you a mail, also online if you can hop on for a quick convo

I bid 5.6B for Buffy BountyHunter

Buyout bid at 6B, accepted in game.

accepted. Send to buffy

6B Sent to Buffy Bountyhunter as requested in game chat with account name attached on notes.

1k plex in the ol vault, and GM ticket submitted. Please contact this character for updates on the ticket

Character received, thank you. All done

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