[WTS] 62M SP Perfect Moros + 3 Jump Freighters + perfect JF & jump skills + trader + close to Titan

(Faydhe) #1

:aura: WTS very focused 62M SP pilot, no wast skills.


:boom: Perfect Moros Pilot
:boom: Perfect Jump Freighters (Ark + Anshar + Rhea Pilot)
:boom: Perfect Jump Drive skills
:boom: Crane + Bustard Pilot
:boom: Good trade skills
:boom: Close to Titan (have portal)

Implants for Moros
I will pay transfere Fee

B/O 65B

WTB JF/Trade character
WTB dreadnought driver budget 20-25B
No longer buying
WTB Dread/carrier Pilot
WTB Moros / Revelation pilot, budget 6-10B
WTB Gal/Amarr dread character
WTB Focused Dread Pilot
(iAmAres) #2

:boom: Confirm, I am for sale!

(Dexter Renzetti) #3

45 bil to start

(Faydhe) #4


(Faydhe) #5

Daily bump.

(Cn Yotosala) #6

Still selling this character?

(Faydhe) #7

Yes, character for sell

WTB Freighter Pilot Jump Drive Calibration V
(Faydhe) #8

Daily bump.

(Faydhe) #9

Daily bump

(Faydhe) #10

Daily bump

(Faydhe) #11

still sale

(Dexter Renzetti) #12

45 bil still valid

(Faydhe) #13

daily bump!

(Onion Helot Valor) #14


(Faydhe) #15

Need more

(Faydhe) #16

Very Focused Moros & All DF pilot still for sale.

(Faydhe) #17

Very good & very focused.

(Noahs Ark1) #18

still sell๏ผŸ

(Noahs Ark1) #19

56b ready

(Faydhe) #20

65Bill start. Very focused character.