WTS 65M SP Rorqual, Subcap PVP, Recon, Hauler Pilot - PENDING SALE

Selling this toon. AMAZING Rorqual pilot, miner, veteran subcap PVP pilot, recon cyno and hauler! Basically print ISK non-stop, mission-running, mining in belts, anoms and moons. Near-perfect Rorqual-mining and rorqual support skills. Check out the skillboard on https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dayun_Issier (pw 1234)

  • 65+Million Skillpoints, with a wide range of uses, including excellent Rorqual/mining-related skills, many T2/T3 PVP ships/modules, and T2 hauler/blockade runner.
  • Implants worth over 200M ISK, including all “Standard” Slot 1-5 +4 attribute enhancers - http://www.evepraisal.com/a/owjoc

Mining Highlights:

  • Most Rorqual-mining-related skills to Level V, including Drone Interfacing V, Mining Drone Specialization V, and Industrial Reconfiguration V (required to use the T2 mining industrial siege module). Capital Industrial Ships at Level IV (training to V).
  • Have peace of mind - This toon has Invulnerability Core Operation III, which allows you to activate the P.A.N.I.C. module, which makes you invulnerable, giving rescuers time to come to your aid!
  • Also a great Exhumer pilot for those tasty mercoxit rocks, ice and moons, with the ability to use many T2 mining crystals.

And wait, there’s more! Lots of PVP and hauling as well. This toon is skilled for a variety of T2 and T3 PVP and hauling ships and associated modules, including:

  • Force recon (cyno pilot)
  • Freighters (Obelisk, Bowhead)
  • Logi frigates
  • Marauder
  • Heavy interdiction and assault cruisers
  • T3 caldari tactical destroyer (Jackdaw)
  • Stealth bombers
  • Interceptors
  • Caldari blockade runner (Crane)

No kill rights
Located in Jita 4-4, Jump clone in Jita
I will pay transfer in cash
Security status 1.62
Positive wallet balance
All CCP rules apply
Limited corp history, primarily in NPC corps, a now-defunct WH corp and Pandemic Horde. Now in NPC corp

Accepting serious offers, reply below - Buyout 67B (LOWERED!)

Includes 45 SKINS for Oracle, Drake, Myrmidon, Tornado, Apocalypse, Atron, Catalyst, Coercer, Condor, Cormorant, Drake, Executioner, Harbinger, Hurricane, Maller, Megathron, Moa, Myrmidon, Raven, Rupture, Slasher, Tempest, Thrasher, Vexor, Rifter, Apotheosis, Gnosis, Praxis, Sunesis, Pacifier, Astero, Avatar, Gila, Machariel, Onyx, Venture, Caracal, Omen, Rupture, Vexor, Merlin, Rokh, Sabre, Punisher, Incursus


confirming here that i am indeed the toon that is being sold

55 billion

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56 B/O

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57 billion

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thanks for the offers. nearer to 70B is needed. not in a huge rush.

58 B/O

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Still for sell?

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yes, this character is still up for sale

thanks for 58B bid. needs to be higher

i’m very willing to get this account but i can’t afford higher

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will offer 64bill as im in the market for a rorq toon but cant transfer until the 17th of jan

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Seatre - That’s a good bid. To confirm, are you saying you can’t transfer payment until Jan 17? I’m not in a rush so if yours is still the top bid at that time, we can do the deal. Obviously, if I get a higher bid…

yes i am not able to reach a computer until the 17th

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No prob, sounds good.

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( For clarity, bidding on this toon is still open. )




hi @Seatre_Nosha - just confirming you are still onboard