WTS 69.7 mil sp Capital and Subcapital Pilot with near perfect Rorqual Skills

WTS Excellent toon that has all you need!

It got perfect Rorqual Skills, can fly supercapitals, can run incursions and it got near perfect abyssal Gila skills.
Also, it got very good subcap pvp skills.
It got a 4-5 bil incursion pod ready to go.

Char has positive standing and will be in a NPC corp and station at the moment of sell.
Starting bid 55 bill
B/O 65 bill

You can offer and maybe can negotiate a bit.

I can offer 38 Bil

Would love a bit more, thanks!

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40b offer

I can offer 41 Bil

thanks for offer but I want a minimum of 55 on it

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