WTS 75m NYX Pilot (w/ Quafe SKIN) B/O REDUCED

Getting closer!

72 bil

Looking for slightly more: I am willing to negotiate b/o, if you’d like to do so send me a mail.

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rate withdrawn

@FlameGuard accepted, let me know your details and we can get sorted!

very strange offer, my offer is canceled!

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To the top! B/O reduced!

To the top!

70B isk

I am willing to accept this offer - I am going to leave the bid open for 6 hours, and then that will be the close of the bidding, provided the bidders’ offers remain valid. Thank you!

@CDC_newende the character is yours if your offer is still valid - let me know your details and I’ll start the transfer in receipt of payment! Will update the post with confirmation :slight_smile:

Due to some problems, please give me one more day to pay

@CDC_newende no problem

ISK and Account information have been sent