WTS 9.5m sp Stratios/scanning/hacking pilot

(Dori Gecko) #1

Positive wallet.
Located in high sec. Amarr
NPC corp.
Positive standing
2 remaps available

Starting bid at 6b. I am in no rush selling, highest bid will win Thanks!


Starts with a decent kb. No deaths.

(Dori Gecko) #2


(Dori Gecko) #3


(Dori Gecko) #4

bump :slight_smile:

(Dori Gecko) #5

up we go

(Dori Gecko) #6


(Jimbobtia) #7

Would you do a 6 b b/o?

(Dori Gecko) #8

ill give it to 18:00 igt today if no other offers this toon is yours.

(Tallivara) #9

7 billion.