WTS 93m SP — Gallente SuperCap, great Calda/Gall PVP, explorer, T3, etc

Selling this 93m SP Gallente cap / supercap pilot:

Also a great all-around Caldari / Gallente PVP character, explorer, covert, T2 frigates/cruisers, Planetary, etc.

  • eveskillboard says 89.7m SP, but I checked in-game and it’s +92m!
  • 1.1m unallocated SP
  • 2 remaps available
  • positive SS, positive wallet, no kill rights
  • 3 jump clones available (1 in JITA, 2 in 0.0)
  • +3/+4 implants
  • about 6B isk of random assets scattered around the universe, lots of T2 ships, can come with a fitted Thanatos

Goes great with this dedicated PVP/covert/cyno alt: [Sold] WTS 50m SP — PVP alt: T2 frigates/cruisers + cyno V / astro V (can make a discount if you buy both at the same time)

Assets cannot be used as a consideration for acquiring a higher bid, only character SP value.

I’m interested in what her auction price is. Or you can email me the price you want in the game.

I am interested email me in game or let me know here what starting bid is

I’ve already got some offers by DM, so please propose what you think it’s worth.

Also, for anyone looking for a strong main + alt combo, I’ve listed my alt Mylabee for sale as well. I can make a nice discount if someone takes both at the same time.

@Quantum_powered_warship @Sir_Earendur let’s start bidding at >85b.

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Still for sale!

75 bil

@Iva_Stark thanks for the offer. I’m not in a hurry, I’ll let the sale continue for a bit.

B/O is at 92b.

(I know it doesn’t really matter, but it’ll actually cost you a bit less, as char comes in a fitted Thanatos, undocked in 0.0 (1 jump from nullsec NPC station / 2 jumps from lowsec) + about 4-5b in assets. Can’t sell because can’t dock, and cyno now requires Omega clone…)

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Actually you dont need to dock to get your stuff back if they are in some citadel… use Asset Safety feature but it will cost you 15% ( i think) of the value… search asset safety Eve in google :slight_smile:

Well, some of my stuff has been moved to a lowsec station, but not the undocked carrier I logged-off with.
Anyway… bump! :slight_smile:

86b? :grinning:

new offer sent,still waiting for your reply.

wait too long,cancel the offer

80B offer

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