WTS - Archon/Tengu Pilot 33m SP

I’d like to sell this toon.

  • Positive wallet

  • Positive sec status

  • Will be in highsec when purchased

  • Fighters 4

  • T2 Combat Drones

  • JDC 5

  • HM/HAM Tengu 3 subskills at 5

  • Gallente lvl 5 Missions available (Minmatar also 6.5+)

  • And some other goodies

Starting Bid: 27bil
Buyout: make me an offer at or over 30bil

bid removed

That’s a bit low for my expectations. But thank you for the bid.

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Thanks for the offer but I’d like to get a bit more for that toon.

28,5 b./o

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