WTS AT Ships + Abyssal Hakims web

Mimir - 300b
Chameleon - 300b
Utu - 200b
Revenant - 210b (Lowsec station) - SOLD
Etana - 400b

Selling a rolled Hakims web - Accepting offers


virtuoso + 20b for revenant

No thanks

Please buy my stuff :smiley:

Stuff for sale

Still for sale…

Accepting offers or AT ship buffs from CCP

Still for sale

please buy :smiley:

1 Etana sold, another available.

Changed the price of a few things. bump!

You got discord?



Still for sale :slight_smile:

Bump, goodbye Revenant!

how much did it go for?


Things still for sale.

Free bump

Still for sale

Another Etana for sale

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