WTS C2 WR - HS/C3 + T4 PI

Wormhole: J103839 - http://www.ellatha.com/eve/WormholeSystemview.asp?key=103839
PI Details: https://www.eveplanets.com/eve/system/index/?show=j103839

Additional stuff it comes with:
-All POCOs
-Fully Armed, Fueled, and Fitted Astrahus
-“Deep Safe” bookmark outside d-scan range for hiding and staging
-One defense assist by my corp if desired
-2 WH rolling Megathrons designed for proper hole rolling 200 cold/300 hot

Possible Cons:
-Cannot fit all planets in D-Scan Range
-11 moons
-Available on Sept 16th

You will get this wormhole in turn-key fashion upon payment. No structure setup, you just come in and live the WH life. Properly utilized by the right corp/alliance, it will pay itself off in a months time.

Price: 6b (negotiable)

William Darrell

If you are buying this hole and new to the wormhole life, I can also give you a quick run down about best practices for utilization and defense free of charge.

Still Up For Sale

I’m interested

Ill contact you in game Apollo56.

Interested, pm ingame if still available