WTS C4 Red Giant 5/3 4 Structures

WTS C4 Red Giant with a Static C5 and C3.

4 Structures - Astrahaus, 2 x Athanor and Raitaru. All Anchored.

PM me in game or via forums and we can start discussions.

For some more info we are looking for 6B, all fits of current structures included valuing over 8B.

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Still Available - Extra info in OP

We can talk?

Convo’d you in-game, feel free to convo me if you’re on another char or w.e

Today is a bad day for me in-game, will respond when I get online,thnx in advance

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No problem, if I’m not about when you’re on drop me an eve-mail and hopefully I’ll see it and be able to jump on :slight_smile: