WTS Faction Capital BPC's

As per title
Current stock is as follows:

image x0
Price is 40b but throw me your offer :slight_smile:

image x0
Price is 45b but throw me your offer :slight_smile:

All blueprints are located in Jita 4-4 at time of listing.

Happy bidding

A Loggerhead in Jita?! Hook me up!

Reee my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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to ze trop!

Up up and away!

Current ingame offer of 34b on a loggerhead.

A will trade you a officer rolled Gotans Web 22.4km range 60.1% velocity for the 2 loggerhead bpcs

No thank you @Taraas_Enko :slight_smile: slight_smile:

1 loggerhead sold!

Second loggerhead Sold!

Aaand we’re all out of stock at the moment, thread will be updated when more has arrived!