WTS Gallente pilot - born 2004.10.23 - <1mil SP


Born 2004
1 neural remap
2 bonus remaps
Located Duripant
In NPC corp.
Total skill points: 964,550
Security status: 0.0
0 Kill Rights
Wallet balance: 1,829 ISK
Federal Navy Academy for 7192 days

Starting bid - 3 billion

Here’s your chance to acquire an old, clean character. I fancied returning to EVE so would like to clear this character to start a new one.

2b offer

Thank you, but I’d like to hold out for a bit more.

Check it out

2.5b offer

3b anyone?

ready 3b

3,5 billion isk

Thank you, but even at 3.5, it’s not really worth the transfer cost.

5 billion isk

6b isk offer