[WTS] hel Pilot 18.7 mill sp【Unallocated Skill Points:7m sp】


(Ericarry Kion) #1

im selling a good Hel Pilot (me)

Skill Points: 18,769,534
Unallocated Skill Points:7,147,040
Bonus Remaps: 0
Security Status: 1.54
No kill rights

Full Skill List:https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ericarry_Kion 32

I will pay the transfer
Starting bid 16b. Buyout 20b.

(Sleepy Breau) #2

what i see? 6M Gunnery skill
where is the carrier skill?hel pilot?excuse me?

(Ericarry Kion) #3

【Unallocated Skill Points:7m sp】

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #6

9.5 bil

(Kataxthonios) #7

10b :four_leaf_clover:

(Alocose) #8

I agree with sleepy breau, this character cannot fly a Hel. Just because you have 7 million unallocated SP does not make it what ever kind of pilot you want to call it. For it to be a Hel pilot you have to be able to at least sit in a Hel… which this character cannot do. Furthermore you do not even have the Minmatar carrier skill book injected. From what eveskillboard states you are over 114 days away from being able to even sit in a Hel.

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(ISD Buldath) #10

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(Ericarry Kion) #12


(Big Gunz Mckenzie) #13


(Nameless2351) #14


(laocin fei) #15

12 bill

(Zoro D Roronoa) #16

13 bil

(laocin fei) #17

14 bill

(Zoro D Roronoa) #18

15 bil

(laocin fei) #20

16 bill

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #21

@ISD_Buldath This shouldn’t be allowed to continue since he’s advertising something that he is not.

(Nameless2351) #22