WTS Highend Officer Modules, Dagon, Erebus

Cormack’s Modified Sensor Booster 10.5B (Sold)
Cormack’s Modified Tracking Computer 11.5B
Cormack’s Modified Damage Control 50B (on contract market)
Draclira’s Modified Energized Explosive Membrane 7B
Draclira’s Modified Energized EM Membrane 5.5B
Draclira’s Modified Energized Kinetic Membrane 5B
Draclira’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane 5B (21B for the set)

Vehement 35B (on Hypernet currently)
Erebus w/ T2 Trimarks 64B (on contract market)

I am willing to trade my Dagon for a Caiman or a Loggerhead.

PM me location of Chemosh, I am interested

Chemosh is located in a safe, lowsec station with generous docking radius in Black Rise but I have to be honest I am inclined to keep the Chemosh. I’m willing to part with the Dagon and the Vehement though. Trades are also interesting to me.

How much would u want for chemosh? If u were to sell. How much for vehement?

Updated with prices. Took down some items I decided to keep. Thank you.

Where is the Erebus located? Also would you take a Dagon BPC + 15b for it?

Hello. The Erebus is located in Basgerin and I’d take a built Dagon and 20B for it.

edit: The issue is I already have a Dagon and not really needing a second.

I am going to pass then thanks for the quick response

Post updated

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Prices updated.

Added more officer items for sale.