WTS Orca / Rorq Focusing Alt with 12m SP

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I am sorry that I logged into the wrong account, but YES I AM FOR SELL.



Bump bump


10b bid

I’ll accept your offer. Plz send me isk and account info, and I’ll start the transaction after that.

Sorry gonna have to redact my offer. Took a closer look at skills and realized it cant use a panic mod or any capital shield mods.

I hope I can buy a all skill V Rorq pilot at this price.

9bil B/O

9bil and you get isk :wink: Like others said it needs work.



10b offer B/O

Alright I’ll take your offer. Isk and account info send to me(Longlive PAPAPA JohncenaL).

My oriangle post account(longlive papa johncenal) has been sold.

hey isk send / plz transter it to HAdoor this is acount name.

If the problem arises because the account from which the isk was sent and the account receiving the account are different, return the isk. I’ll send it back

Please do not post account names on forums.

isk received. I’ll start transaction right now.