WTS - Perfect ALL race Carrier/FAX/Super pilot 86M SP

I would like to sell myself. I am a perfect ALL race carrier, FAX, and super pilot.


Relevant skills:

  • Amarr Carrier V
  • Caldari Carrier V
  • Gallente Carrier V
  • Minmatar Carrier V
  • Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems V
  • Capital Repair Systems V
  • Fighters V
  • Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V
  • Capital Capacitor Emission Systems V
  • Perfect Armor/Shield boosting skills
  • Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Jump Fuel Conservation V
  • Capital Shield Emission Systems V
  • Capital Shield Operation V

Other notable features:

82B B/O

Still available. Perfect pilot for faction capitals and supers.

Still 4 Sale.

Good looking toon. I will make an offer of 66 billion ISK.

@Maizie_Fields No thanks.

Be Super and buy this toon.

Still looking for reasonable offers on this character.

Still interested at 66b.

68b offer

I’m not selling this character for extraction value. I could do that myself without incurring a fee to transfer the character.

Still looking for a serious buyer. Reasonable offers will be considered.

70B offer

70B is roughly the same as if I extracted him myself. I would accept 75B for this character as I need to cover transfer costs to make it worth my while.

75B If still available next week :ok_hand:

@Jezzer_Amelana Thanks for the offer. The character is yours as soon as I receive ISK.