WTS Rare Skillbook from 2004

(Cloon McCloon) #1

Selling my extremely rare Mobile Refinery Operation skillbook. This book was removed from the game about 13 years ago in 2004 shortly after the game launched.

Will sell for 6b or best offer. Will also consider a fun trade for something interesting or useful. Yes you can inject and learn it if you are weird like that.

(Mabel Honeycomb) #2

I’ll take it for 5.5b, please contract it to me for 7 days

(Vlad Stalenko) #3

So you can then make a post , postulating that you have been authorized to sell it on behalf of another player ?

I smell scam.

(Cloon McCloon) #4

No response from Mabel, and appears to be scammer anyways, so still for sale.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #5

Two billion.

(Cloon McCloon) #6


(Cloon McCloon) #7

Back on the market - tired of this thing, need a new thing to stare at, trade me something cool before i inject it