WTS Rorqual pilot [SOLD]

(Marlia Bula) #11

please send me the info and isk and I shall initiate transfer thank you :slight_smile: @Hent_Rin

(Hent Rin) #12

translated 32b, what else is required of me?

(Marlia Bula) #13

The account name that the character should be transferred to, ISK received

(Hent Rin) #14

sent in-game mail

(Marlia Bula) #15

Confirming I have started the transfer process using a GM mail and plex in plex vault, transfer may take slightly longer than normal as a GM has to initiate it I shall keep you up to date :slight_smile:

Wtb rorqual pilot!
(Marlia Bula) #16

Bump, two still for sale!

Close WTB Rorqual
(Marlia Bula) #17

Character transfer should be completed, thank you for the business

(Hent Rin) #18

thank you

(Marlia Bula) #19

Bump still two for sale!

(Marlia Bula) #20

Bump, still available

(Steel Daniels) #21

30 bil for Mr Bula

(Marlia Bula) #22

I’ll accept that please send isk and account (please make sure you send to Mr bula )

(Steel Daniels) #23

ISK sent

(Marlia Bula) #24

Received, starting the transfer process now hopefully a GM will get it done quickly for you

(Buelle Lemmont) #25

26b for Marlia

(Marlia Bula) #26

I’ll accept that , please send account info and isk to Marlia cheers!

(Buelle Lemmont) #27

ISK and info sent by Master Fairy

(Marlia Bula) #28

Started the Transfer process via a support ticket, should be done soon for you thank you!

(Marlia Bula) #29

Your transfer should be complete

(system) #30

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