WTS Rorqual pilot [SOLD]

please send me the info and isk and I shall initiate transfer thank you :slight_smile: @Hent_Rin

translated 32b, what else is required of me?

The account name that the character should be transferred to, ISK received

sent in-game mail

Confirming I have started the transfer process using a GM mail and plex in plex vault, transfer may take slightly longer than normal as a GM has to initiate it I shall keep you up to date :slight_smile:

Bump, two still for sale!

Character transfer should be completed, thank you for the business

thank you

Bump still two for sale!

Bump, still available

30 bil for Mr Bula

I’ll accept that please send isk and account (please make sure you send to Mr bula )

ISK sent

Received, starting the transfer process now hopefully a GM will get it done quickly for you

26b for Marlia

I’ll accept that , please send account info and isk to Marlia cheers!

ISK and info sent by Master Fairy

Started the Transfer process via a support ticket, should be done soon for you thank you!

Your transfer should be complete

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