WTS T2 BPO, Revenant BPC

As title suggests, selling some blueprints.

All are located in a safe high-sec location.

Revenant BPC - 75b
Nyx 9 / 14 BPO - Sold

Claymore - 10/16 - 225B
Rapier - 10/16 - Sold
Lachesis BPO 10/18 - Sold

Comment / Evemail / Convo in-game to discuss them :slight_smile:

175b claymore


rapier still for sale?

Currently I have someone waiting to accept a contract, for the Rapier and Lachesis.

@TheUndyingWarrior Thankyou for the offer, but it is valued greater than that :slight_smile:

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50b for the revenant bpc

200bil rapier

If the current buyer falls through, i’ll evemail and we can chat prices :slight_smile:

@Frostwolf1 Thanks for the offer little low for me.

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Offering 585bil for:

Claymore - 10/16 -
Rapier - 10/16 -
Lachesis BPO 10/18 -

claymore 200bil offer

Eve-mailed you :slight_smile:

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22 and its yours :slight_smile:

Weekend bump, only around for a few hours then back Monday :slight_smile:

Ok, I will contract it shortly :slight_smile:

It is contracted.

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Claymore and Revenant are still for sale :slight_smile:

Bump. Price added for the claymore :slight_smile:

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